Retro Forest - PPU Birthday Custom


In February, a fun giveaway happened in PPU. Group members commented on the giveaway post with their custom polish names based on the chart below, then Trisha and Lisa did a random draw from all of the  commenters and paired the winners with the participating makers, to create their custom birthday game polish.

Girly Bits was paired with Mandi S. to create her polish called Retro Forest. She sent an inspo photo along with a description of what she was looking for and Retro Forest was born.

Retro Forest is a deep olive green holo, with a copper/green shimmer.


Swatches by:

Caitlin Gladney-Hatcher @streetsaheadstyle
Candace Kae @lesstalkmorepolish
Fari Kahn-Kaushal @brown_beautycentral
Lisa Heath @cosmeticsanctuary
Michelle Steane @manicuremanifesto
Vamica Bony @your.girl.vee

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