Anxious (thermal)


Anxious thermal nail polish is a rich highly pigmented solid emerald green when cold to light green when warm, to clear when hot transitioning thermochromic shade that has endless possibilities! Use on it's own or paired with multiple colors as a base shade beneath the Thru The Looking Glass holo toppers for amazing temperature reactive transitioning effects.  Can also be layered overtop of hidden nail art for a magical reveal when warming occurs or wear solely on it's own for simplistic magic.  Fully opaque in 1-2 thin to medium COLD coats.  Buy Now

For Best Results:  Apply cold nail polish to cool fingernails in a cool environment. Please keep in mind when applied warm, it is difficult to tell the true opacity and will appear sheer.  Allow to dry 2-3 minutes between coats. Avoid thick coats to prevent leveling issues.  Will dry to a matte finish and will require a high quality super glossy top coat for ultimate shine!

Photos courtesy of @SassyPaints2012 & SuperChic Lacquer. 

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