Clown Puke

The circus, full of fun, color, and a wonder for people of all ages. Our ode to the circus starts with a glitter bomb polish we named Clown Puke! That is right, I can just imagine, all those clowns, full of color and fun jammed in a tiny car, someone is bound to get sick! This polish is jammed with so many different glitters, we cannot list them all! Tiny ones, big ones, all colors, bar, hex, square, holographic, matte, we could go on and on. each bottle, each batch will be slightly different, but rest assured, you will not lack for beautiful glitter. This 2012 polish from the Circus Collection is so jammed with glitter, it might seem a bit thick. Please be aware, this polish does look different from batch to batch depending on the glitters I have to add to it at the time. There will always be a ton of different glitters in all colors, shapes and sizes for the perfectly colorful glitter top coat.

Type: Glitter top coat
Glitter Load: Heavy
Glitter Size: Small to Extra Large
Recommended Coats: 1 Coat over a solid color
Notes: For a perfectly smooth finish, top with a coat of top coat!

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