Ethereal x Matherhorn: Raindrops and Coffee Shops


Select from the following options:

  • ** Matterhorn Nail/Hair/Beard/Body oil - S’mores Frappe- a delectable toasted marshmallow topping swirled with chocolate and vanilla. 
  • ** Matterhorn Nail/Hair/Beard/Body oil - Raindrops and Coffee Shops- Imagine sitting at a coffee shop with fresh roasted coffee, your favorite book and it’s raining outside.
  • ** Mystery Polishes (limit of up to 5 per person) buying 5 guarantees you will receive one of every shade. The 5 options are (Please note we cannot take requests for specific colours):
  1. Raindrops- A soft grey blue with a bright blue shimmer and tiny holographic flakes.
  2. Espresso- A dark brown linear holographic.
  3. Cold Brew - A champagne brown holographic base full of red copper to green shimmer
  4. Electric Coffee- A medium brown with an intense electric blue to purple shifting shimmer.
  5. Drip- A soft powder blue with blue reflective glitters.


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