Monster Edition Vol 1: Fever Swamp


9 ml

Fever Swamp is a blue (warm) to deep purple (cold) thermal with neon yellow matte glitters in two sizes. Opacity by 3 coats; topcoat recommended as this may dry slightly dull/matte due to the pigment.
As with all thermal shades ensure your unit is kept well sealed in a dark location. Thermal transitions slow over time so we always recommend using them sooner rather than later to get the most out of your bottle.

This shade is part of the Monster Edition release, which is limited edition and available to purchase during this one preorder window. The Monster Edition shades are inspired by the awesome aesthetic of the Goosebumps original series released in the 90’s which sported brightly coloured cover art, and spooky tales with a fun twist at the end. This series was a childhood classic for many of us!

Swatches courtesy of blossom.street, nailsbyalice, yyulia_m and serpentine13


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