Fire Heart (pre-sale)

Orders  with  this  item  have  an  estimated  processing  time  of  4-5  weeks  starting  from  14/9.

Deep blurple jelly with bright pink to green shifting shimmer flecks! Wear two to three coats, or try a coat or two over our new "I'M SO SWEET" base coat!

***DISCLAIMER*** I have heard rumors that the dye used to make this color may fade over time. I have not personally experienced this, but it may still be a possibility that this color could lighten after you receive it. I personally love the color so much I decided to release it anyway to be enjoyed in its original form for as long as possible but look forward to the potential surprise of eventually having the color evolve into something new and unexpected! To help lower the risk of fading store your polish in a cool dark place.

Photo credit goes to: @cdbnails143 @cosmeticsanctuary @grneyegoddess7 @de.lish.ious.nails @rikkis_nails_ @queenofnails83 @littlermermaidnailedit @gotnail @artofpolish

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