Looking for a polish that will change up your look every time you paint your nails... well look no further, our clear shimmer topcoats will blow your mind! 

"Fire Opal Glow" is a clear multi-chrome color shifting topcoat this is meant to be applied over any base color! 

Worn over a Black base coat: This polish shifts through red, orange, yellow & green on a black base coat.

Worn over a White base coat: This polish shifts through red, orange, yellow, green & has a gorgeous opal baby blue tint background on a white base coat in all different lights and has an extreme opal effect which makes it so different from your normal multi chrome. It's stunning!! 

**Side Note: This color is heavily shimmered and it can have a slight yellow tinge in the bottle as well as on the nails.. this is normal effect :) **Please apply more than 1 coat because the first coat will most likely go on streaky due to the heavy amount of shimmer we've packed into each bottle**

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