Fresh Peach Hand And Body Lotion

A creamy, thick, moisturizing lotion is like nectar from the gods.  A good lotion keeps your skin soft and supple, even in the harshest of climates - without feeling greasy.  KBShimmer's new vegan hand and body lotion is designed to do just that. Enriched with jojoba, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, and our special blend of ingredients, this lotion is easily absorbed for truly moisturized skin that feels smooth and silky. 

Fresh Peach Lotion smells like taking that first bite into a ripe peach.  One whiff of the lotion and you're reminded of the velvety skin of a perfect peach, and can almost feel the sweet but slightly tart juice running down your chin.  This scent truly captures the smell of a fresh peach and is perfectly echoed by the soft peach color of the thick lotion. 

Type: Vegan Hand and Body Lotion
Size: 6.3 fl oz
Recommended Use: 2-3 daily or as needed
To Use:  Open flip-top, dispense a dime-sized amount in your hand.  Rub in a circular motion to soften skin. Dispense more if needed. Repeat daily and use within 24 months for best results.

Category: Bath and Body, KBShimmer, new

Type: Bath & Body

Brand: KBShimmer

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