There is one in most families. They claim to have the best sense of style, love to give clothing advice, and tell you exactly where to shop and what does (and does not) look good on you. Sometimes that person really is in the know, but sometimes they are just a hot mess, and that can make family gatherings oh so fun!  Fuchsia-nista is a nod to all lovers of fashion! A bright mix of multichrome flakes start with fuchsia, and shift into hues of purple, magenta and orange. This flake shade is perfect over creams in 1-2 coats, or sponge on in 3-4 for full coverage.

Type: Multichrome Flake Top Coat
Base: 5-Free
Glitter Load: Light
Glitter Size: Micro
Recommended Coats: 1-2 over a solid cream nail polish
Notes: Use thin coats for best results, follow with a quick dry top coat 

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