The Lounge Set: I Knead You Now


Whether it’s a foot rub from a partner or a massage with hot stones at a spa, there is something magical about letting yourself relax while the tension from the day is kneaded away.  After the knots are gone, slipping into a robe, soft socks or pj’s can help keep real-world issues at bay just a little longer. Sometimes a spa day is all you “knead” to feel like yourself again!

I Knead You Now nail polish is a mint shade that gleams with reflective glitters, setting off a striking color-shifting shimmer.  In low light, shimmery tones of emerald quickly morph into violet, fuchsia and sky blue.  Bright light allows a bright emerald shimmer to set off the silvery mint base.

**All photos are from the same batch, but lighting, skin tones and cameras may affect the brightness and tone.  See photos for notes on any layering.**

Type: Reflective Glitter Polish
Base: 5-Free
Glitter Load: Heavy
Glitter Size: Micro
Recommended Coats: 2 coats for full coverage depending on application style.
Notes: Please note, our new reflective shades are loaded with pigment for maximum reflective shine.  Shake well and use thin coats, as this is a thicker formula.

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