In Greek mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus. Made by Hermes from a tortoise shell, given to Apollo as a bargain, it was said to be the first lyre ever produced. Orpheus's music was said to be so great that even inanimate objects such as trees, streams, and rocks could be charmed. Joining Jason and the Argonauts, his music was able to quell the voices of the dangerous Sirens, who sang tempting songs to the Argonauts.

Could anything be more charming than this shimmery pink holographic?

Directions: Use two coats over base coat and finish with top coat. For best results, wait for each coat to dry before applying the next coat. 

Please note that colours may vary between different devices and with differing lighting. Pretty Serious have done our best to represent this colour as close to accurate as possible.

11ml/0.37fl.oz. Swatched by Emily de Molly. 


Big 3 Free, Formaldehyde Resin Free.

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