On Cloud Wine


There is something about wine that makes it the drink of choice for so many. Maybe it is the wide variety of varieties, each with a different note from the grapes, the barrel, the age. It could be that it is just on trend, but no matter the reason, people seem to enjoy a glass, and after a few are On Cloud Wine! On Cloud Wine is a red leaning grape jelly polish. Shifting flakes swim in this jelly base, morphing from shades of teal to purple and fuchsia.   This shade deepens in color with coats, so is best in 2-3.


Type: Jelly
Base: 5-Free

Glitter Load: Heavy

Glitter Size: Small to Large

Recommended Coats: 3 Coats or 2 Over Base Color 
Notes: For best results, follow with a quick try top coat

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