Pretty Revenge Nail Polish Duo


Two Women. Two Shades. Multiple Personalities.

Bestselling author Emily Liebert writes compulsively readable novels that plumb the depths of female relationships. KBShimmer creates vibrant and distinctive nail polishes that spark confidence and self-expression. Together, Liebert and KBShimmer have collaborated on an exclusive duo of polishes inspired by Liebert’s new book, PRETTY REVENGE, a novel of psychological suspense that explores just how far someone will go for vengeance.

The polishes, a daring red and a shimmering silver, are named after Liebert’s two main characters, Kerrie and Jordana, and reflect their personalities and dualities. Wear red if you’re feeling bold and dangerous. Try silver for a look that’s dazzlingly chic.

Are you a Kerrie? A Jordana? Or both? Keep people guessing this summer, when PRETTY REVENGE and the polishes launch on July 2, 2019.

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