Rogue Lacquer treatments mini trial set


mini set of all Rogle nail treatments.

Contains 10 x 5ml bottles.

Perfect for travel, and a great way to try all our different base and top coats to figure out what your perfect combo is.

Minis not available for individual sale. Sold as a set only.

  • Desert Varnish - gel like top coat
  • Aqueduct - nail strengthener
  • Vortex – nail bed healer
  • Desert Sun - A fast drying glossy top coat
  • Cactus Water - Original glossy top
  • Desert Spring - Hydrating sticky base 
  • Deset Retreat - Nourishing base coat
  • Desert Ridge - Ridge filling/smoothing base coat
  • Desert Oasis - Empowering base coat
  • Quickie – Quick dry drops


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