Space Collection Stamper ****Refill Heads****


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Select from 8 colours

Stamper head

  • softer stamping head
  • bigger diameter of working surface (42mm)
  • newly shaped stamping head
  • 4 unique colors

Usage Instructions

1. Store white and black stamper head separately for avoid staining. However if its stained, it will not affect use.

2. For scrape excess polish use short side of scraper

3. Pick up image with gently rolling

4. Clean stamper head ONLY with sticky tape or lint roller

5. Clean scraper with nail polish remover (NOT pure 100% acetone)

6. Stamper doesn’t need priming.

If head not pick up (after some time of use)

·      wash it with soap

·      put it for 1 day in any plastic bag

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