The Perfect Match


When cool weather hits, lounging on the couch with a good book and a flickering fall-scented candle can be the perfect way to unwind. With the strike of a match, wisps of smoke billow from dancing flames made of orange, yellow, and red, ready to illuminate the candle’s wick.  The perfect match for a lazy fall day is letting the building candle scent and developing story take you away to a different world.

The Perfect Match is a sheer, but buildable shimmering nail polish.  This pale, silvery-white shade hosts a color-shifting shimmer showing off fiery shades of coppery red, glowing peachy orange, warm gold, and lime.  Amidst the shimmer is a glowing holographic flake, catching the light for a dash of rainbow sparkle.  For a wash of color, wear in one to two coats, or build it up in three for a crelly-like finish. To make the red and orange hues really pop, use as a topper over deeper colors!

**All photos are from the same batch, but lighting, skin tones, and cameras may affect the brightness and tone. **

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