Tickled by Wings



*Your polish comes in a 12ml bottle, with a wide easy to use brush
*It contains stainless steel ball bearings.
*I've used a quality glitter suspension base to keep the glitters suspended.
** glitter especially matte glitters and/or pigments/flakies may settle a little in time so always give your bottle a roll between your hands before use, shaking it before application can cause bubbles in your polish. It can also be helpful to stand your polish upside down for a little while before use to ensure all glitters are readily available

My polishes are 5 free

These polishes are hand mixed and while we attempt for no variation between bottles, there may be very very small differences due to being made by hand. I try to attempt to have photos as colour accurate as possible by having some different swatchers however monitors may vary and change the actual colours.
swatches by It's All About Polish.

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