White Here White Now


There are so many ways to wear white. It could be casual in the form of a fresh white t-shirt or sparkling white sneakers, or elegant in the form of a white power suit or frilly white wedding dress. Whichever way we choose to wear it, white, like black, is a fashion staple in our wardrobes.

For nail polish lovers, finding the perfect white is like finding the Holy Grail.  We want a white polish to provide one-coat coverage, be self-leveling and snow-white in color. White Here White Now is our new and improved white and we think you will love it! With better coverage and improved leveling, this pure white shade also features a new fan brush with curved edges for easy application.

Type: Cream
Base: 5-Free
Glitter Load: N/A
Glitter Size: N/A
Recommended Coats:  2 Coats
Notes: This is not a quick-dry polish, so we recommend following up with a coat of quick-dry top coat like Clear & Free.

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