Xpress Drying Spray - Dry Nails Faster & Moisturize


15ml. Select from different scents.

Simply spray 1-2 times over the tips of each hand to speed the outer layer for drying. That's it! It's a simple product, easy to use, and great for the impatient or for when you're in a rush. We've also added camellia oil (our favorite oil here at Baroness X) and jojoba oil to hydrate your skin and cuticles. 

We don't recommended using this product between coats. This would prohibit proper bonding due to the nourishing oils and other ingredients. Only use after your last coat.

This is a great idea for someone that has little time to do their nails. This product quickly dries the top layers of your mani, more so than a quick dry topcoat. Please note that it prevents light smudges in a short amount of time but you should still be careful as the underlying coats still need a bit more time to cure. 

Scents available:

  • Jolly Peach - juicy and sweet peach Jolly Ranchers
  • Lemon Souffle - a decadently sweet and creamy, yet fresh, lemon dessert

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