ZAP! Nail Art Skin Protector (scented)


10ml in glass bottle with brush applicator 

**ALLERGY ALERT, If you have an allergy to LATEX do NOT use this product. Always perform a patch test before usage to ensure no allergic reaction. You can test by placing 1 drop of the product on your skin and leaving on for 15 minutes, if you remove it with no reaction you *should* be ok. Discontinue use immediately if you develop an allergy, and seek medical attention.

This product is liquid latex based, specifically made for cosmetic usage. Apply it to the skin surrounding your nail prior to performing water marbling technique, sponge gradients, or nail stamping. Let dry for at least 1 minute, and the product will darken or turn clear which indicates its dried. Perform nail art, and when done, use tweezers to remove ZAP! from your skin and watch the mess disappear!

Ingredients: Rubber latex, water, ammonium hydroxide, thiram, zinc oxide.

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