Glisten & Glow Cuticle Remover Pen (various scents)


Glisten & Glow’s Cuticle Remover softens and removes excess cuticle as well as eponychium skin and comes in an easy to use twist-up pen style applicator.

Directions: Apply generously to the cuticle area and let sit for 60 seconds. Next, gently push back with your favorite tool. Finally, wash hands and cuticles thoroughly with soap and water.

Recommended use: 1x per week

Size: 2ml

  • Winter Cheer -  a custom blend of orange, cinnamon, clove, cranberry and baked vanilla
  • Pomegranate Punch - custom blend of the tangy fruity yet light and refreshing pomegranate with a twist of orange zest
  • Coconut


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