Iced Crackle Polish


Iced is a glittery silver crackle crackle polish. Cracks in the polish will be different every time!



Paint on the base color. You only need one coat! Let the base layer dry.

Topcoat it with top coat, let that dry.

Paint on the crackle coat. Make the crackle layer as thick as you want with one coat. You CANNOT do a second coat with crackle, so get it how you want it the first time and apply the magnet or place the finger on top of the magnet while painting. For the sharpest line please leave magnet in place till it dries and even when rewetting with a topcoat. As the crackle dries, you’ll see it separating and cracking, once it’s fully dry, you can topcoat. If you topcoat it wet, it will stop the cracking.

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