Nail Nutrition Essence


Improve Nail Texture - Nourishing essence for highly processed, brittle, discolored nails. UNT Nail Treatment Essence promotes healthy, crystal clear, strengthened nails with all natural ingredients.

Discolored Nail Solution - Rejuvenate yellowed nails and help rebalance to form natural protection from stains, dye and yellowish discoloration.

Natural Nail Nourishment - Help build stronger nails with natural glow

Long-Lasting Hydrate + Protect - Builds immediate and long-term repairment on yellowing cuticles. The Hydro Infusion Formula absorbs deeply and quickly in the nail bed and leaves zero sticky feeling.

10-Free, Cruelty-free - Commitment to 10-free formula, pregnancy and children safe ingredients and no animal testing.

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Category: Nail Treatments

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Brand: UNT

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