VICE 2023: Klepto


Klepto is a limited edition neon digital lavender créme nail polish. Our neon polishes are custom-formulated to be worn without a white base color and their UV-reactive properties mean they glow under black light.

You dream of pulling off a gem heist or bank robbery under the cloak of darkness. You’ve plotted a devious yet victimless plan. But until you figure out how to scale a building, dodge lasers, and bust open a safe, a five-finger discount is as close as you’ll get.

NOTE: Our neon polishes dry to a satiny-matte finish. We recommend applying a Top Coat for a glossy shine. Neons will fade with direct exposure to sunlight. Keep the bottle in a cool, dark place. Neons may change color over time – older bottles may not look the same as newer bottles.

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