Etheroil hair, skin, nail oil (NEW SCENTS!)

Multi-purpose oil that can be used on your hair, skin and nails. 

Scent selection as below, pick from drop down menu:
  • Laundry Day - a fresh linen fragrance with notes of honeydew, cotton, lilac, linen and mineral water.
  • Chocolate Ganache - white cocoa, frothy milk, chocolate truffle and melted butter
  • Signature - Citrus, neroli, jasmine and orange blossom. lightweight scented
  • Ethereal Shore - Dive into this Etheroil where the waves whisper the secrets of the sands. Notes of ocean air, mandarin, lavender, amber and vetiver. This smells like a luxury ocean-y cologne. But not overpowering, almost like when you smell someone that smells really good from a distance. This fragrance is bright but also grounded. The mandarin really comes to life on the skin and takes on a more uplifting vibe. Overall if you like masculine watery clean smells, you need this one.
  • Moon Salt - Moonlight shimmering on a calm sea, holding mystery in its depths. Notes of salt, sea mist and cotton. This smells just like salty sea air with a touch of clean cotton. Reminds me so much of being at the beach at night time when the salty air clings to your skin.
  • Ghost Beach - A haunting melody of Milky coconut, suntan lotion, stargazer lily, chamomile and seabreeze. This fragrance is light and very reminiscent of an empty beach, like a ghost of suntan lotion and salty sea air. This fragrance is really the subtlety of the beach in a bottle. Not too overpowering and would layer well with any coconut body and hair products.

Size: 15ml/30ml in a glass bottle with dropper. 

contains: golden jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oils and sometimes essential oils! Our fragrance oils are always body safe and vegan 


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