Ready To Throw Down


No matter the season, many couches are littered with blankets and throws.  The AC can be too chilly in the summer, and when fall and winter hit, the warming cover of a down blanket can block the chill and wind from a briefly opened door. At the end of the day, a worn plaid throw is the perfect addition for snuggling on the couch and watching your favorite movie with friends.  No matter how you throw down, finding a good blanket can leave you feeling warm inside and out.

Ready To Throw Down is a deep, navy-based magnetic polish loaded with twinkling holo glow flakes. A magnet will pull vibrant purple, fuchsia, and rose-pink tones to the forefront, while the deep base can look near black or flash bluer.  Without a magnet, this polish’s purple hue shimmers and shines, showing off shifts to pink and salmon tones.  Best worn in two coats.

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